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Elisa Purple Sleeveless Floor Length Evening Dress Long Formal Dress Wedding Guest Dress US4

This floor length formal dress is understated and feminine. It has a sleeveless ruched bodice with a round neckline. Sequins and embellishments are handsewn to the waist to complete the delicate look of this evening dress. Handmade with love.

Dress Measurements:

Waist: 27"
Length: 63.5"

Care instructions: Wash gently by hand in water not exceeding 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

• Chest: the circumference, measure the fullest part of your chest ( bra included )
• Waist: the natural waistline, slightly above your belly button
• Hips: the largest part of your hips

Structure: This dress was made with built-in boning and bra cups to give the bodice additional support and shape. You can choose to wear the dress with or without a bra. Please take your bust measurements without a bra if you don’t plan to wear one with the dress.

Alteration: Our dresses can be taken in or let out if they don’t fit you perfectly. The dresses are made with alterations in mind and an experienced tailor will be able to alter it to fit. We don’t recommend to take in the dresses more than 2 sizes (5”). Altering the measurements too much could change the shape of the dresses. The dresses have a little bit of fabric that can be let out (about 1”) if they are too tight.

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